Root Canals in Fuquay-Varina

Root Canal Dentist in FuquayAt Hamby Family Dental Center, we understand that root canals are not something people typically look forward to getting. Root canals are necessary procedures to prevent further damage to your teeth. While they can be painful and inconvenient in some circumstances, but the long-term benefits always outweigh the short-term pain you experience. We always make sure our root canal procedures are as comfortable as they can be, with the option for you to receive sedation during the procedure.

What is a Root Canal?

When you experience pain and discomfort in your tooth, it’s a result of decay and infection. To relieve this pain and stop further damage to your teeth and gums, our Fuquay Varina dentists will remove the pulp and the nerve root from your painful tooth. Once the pulp has been removed, the empty root is cleaned and filled in. Next, we seal off the tooth to protect the root and prevent any more damage to your tooth.

Without a root canal, your tooth could continue to be painful due to decay or infection. Leaving your tooth untreated means the pain and decay will worsen and lead to an abscess, requiring even more dental work to be done.

How to Know if You Need a Root Canal

There are a lot of signs that may indicate you may need a root canal. If you experience a toothache when eating or drinking foods and drinks that are extremely hot or cold, you may need a root canal. Other symptoms include pain when applying pressure to a tooth, swollen gums, small bumps around the painful area, or even a discolored tooth.

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort in any of your teeth or any other symptoms that indicated a root canal is needed, make an appointment with our dentists.

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