Dental Sealants in Fuquay Varina

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a barrier that protect your teeth from cavities. They are typically applied to your back molars and premolars where you do most of your chewing. These teeth are also more prone to decay, so sealants help to prevent this decay by placing a plastic barrier over the surface of the tooth.

Why Do I Need Sealants?

Sometimes regular brushing and flossing just isn’t enough – your toothbrush can’t always reach every particle of food that gets stuck in your mouth. These lingering pieces of food in the depressions and grooves in your teeth leave your teeth vulnerable to cavities. That’s why at Mike Hamby Family Medical in Fuquay Varina, we want to make sure you are protecting your teeth as best you can. That’s why we sometimes recommend dental sealants as a prevention measure.

Sealant Process

Getting a sealant is an easy process at Mike Hamby Family Medical. Sealants are painted onto your teeth, where they dry and harden to form a sealed barrier over the top of your tooth. After this is done, your teeth are fully protected from decay on the area where the sealant was applied. The sealant closes up any deep grooves or depressions on the top of your teeth where plaque may accumulate.

Mike Hamby Family Medical provides sealant services to anyone who may benefit from them. At every dental visit, our dental professionals check for any possible vulnerabilities that could lead to cavities. If you already have sealants, we can also reapply them on teeth wherever the existing sealants are worn down.

Sealants are typically for children, teens, and young adults, because it is beneficial to start protecting their teeth early. However, we also offer sealants to adults as needed. They are typically clear or white in color, but sometimes have a slight tint depending on what kind of sealant is used.

We are willing to help any patient, whether or not they have been to our  office before. If you are a first-time patient, fill out our dental forms online to expedite your dental care process.

In Need of Dental Sealants?

Our dental professionals at Mike Hamby Family Medical are here to help you get the sealants your teeth need. We value the maintenance and protection of your teeth and are happy to provide our services to you. Give us a call at (919) 552-2431 or request an appointment online.

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