Denture Repair in Fuquay-Varina

Whether you have complete, partial, or overdentures, Hamby Family Dental Center is prepared for any denture repairs you might need. We can provide on-site dental repair for several kinds of denture problems and anything we can’t fix at our offices we send to our quick-turnaround dental laboratory for a speedy turnaround.

Onsite Denture Repair Lab in Fuquay Varina

We at Hamby Family Dental Center are very pleased to offer the services of our onsite laboratory for denture repair here at our dental practice. Same day and next day delivery for your denture repairs is available in most cases. When you need expertly completed denture repairs quickly, contact Hamby Family Dental Center.

Relined Dentures by Hamby Family Dental

Denture RepairOver time, your gums and tissue will start to change and respond to the dentures’ contact with your mouth, and will eventually make your dentures loose. This loose fitting is fixed by having your dentures relined every few years. Relining involves taking a new cast of your gums and soft palate and creating a new surface to lay against them that will be a more exact and tighter fit.

There are three kinds of relines that can be done on your dentures: hard, soft, and temporary. Hard relines are recommended for your dentures about every 2 years, where your dentures are sent to the lab with a new impression of your gums to create a new, better, and tighter fit.

Are your dentures the cause of your mouth pain? Have you had your dentures serviced recently? A soft or temporary reline may be just what the dentist ordered. Soft relines are made of a flexible or pliable material that is less likely to make your pain worse or create new sore spots. Perhaps your gums have become inflamed or misshapen – as this would give a bad cast for your reline, a temporary or medicated reline could be installed until the soreness and red swelling go down.

Denture Rebasing

Are your dentures cracking, weakened, or completely broken in half? You don’t need to get your dentures replaced at all, just have them rebased. When rebasing, the teeth from your old dentures are examined for wear and reserved from the ruined set. A new denture base is created and the old teeth – plus new ones, if needed – are installed in the new set.

Hamby Family Dental Center is here to make sure you have beautiful, well-fitting dentures so that you feel like you can eat, smile, talk, and live your life.

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