Tips for Choosing a New Dentist

fuquay-varina-dentistIf you’re new to an area, your previous dentist retired, or you simply had an unpleasant experience, you’re now looking for a new family dentist. Choosing any medical provider is challenging, and you certainly don’t want to pick one only to realize they aren’t the right fit, so doing a bit of research and asking the right questions can go a long way in making sure you choose the right dentist in Fuquay-Varina, where we’re located, or in your hometown. The right choice means you and your family will receive quality dental care for years to come.

Know What You Need in a Family Dentist

Before you begin researching, calling around, and scheduling appointments, make sure you know exactly what you need from your family dentist and write it down. This can include things like:

  • Location – How far are you willing to drive for an appointment?
  • Services you need – Do you need sedation dentistry due to a phobia or anxiety? Do you need intensive restorative dentistry? Do you or a member of your family have special needs or a disability that may require a specific level of care?
  • Insurance and Payments – Know your insurance information, and, if you don’t have insurance, your payment needs (payment plans, cash discounts, member programs, etc).

List the factors that are truly must-haves in a dentist so you can start researching from there.

Get Real Reviews and Information from Patients

Now, it’s time to start researching dentists, and one of the easiest ways to start is to ask people you know and trust, like family or friends. Find out what they like or don’t like about a dentist and see if any pros or cons align with your list of non-negotiables. If you’re new to the area, consider asking people in a neighborhood or local forum.

Be sure to get reviews on search engines and review sites like Yelp! to learn more about the dentist. For example, when you type “Fuquay-Varina Dentist” (or your hometown + dentist), you’ll see some options. Read the Google reviews and answer the following questions:

  • Are the overall reviews positive or negative?
  • If there are negative reviews, what was the issue? Is there a recurring theme? Did the dentist engage with the negative review in a positive manner?

A few negative reviews don’t have to be a deal breaker, but it’s important to look into them a bit.

Visit Dentists’ Offices Websites and Narrow Your Search

By now, you probably have a list of recommendations and well-reviewed dentists and are ready to narrow the search. While you can probably go ahead and make phone calls at this point, sometimes visiting the website answers some of the more basic questions you may have, like services they provide, payment information, and location.

Plus, quality patient care doesn’t just take place in the office, it takes place over the phone and through the website, too.  Do their service pages tell you about procedures and what to expect? Do they have information about what to do during a dental emergency?

Call Dentists’ Offices and Ask Any Questions

Whether you have all your questions answered and just need to make an appointment or you still have a few concerns, now is the time to make some calls. Ask if they are accepting new patients, verify your non-negotiables like insurance or payment information, and use this time to make sure the staff is friendly and welcoming. The staff sets as just as much of a tone as the dentists themselves, and it’s important to feel comfortable with them, too. You can also take this opportunity to learn about the dentist’s background

It may seem like a lot of legwork and research, but it’s infinitely better to put the time into finding the right dentist than having one you’re dissatisfied with. You’ll save time and have a much better experience in the long run.

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