Why You Should Schedule a Back-to-School Dental Checkup

back to school dental checkup fuquay varina ncAugust is getting closer and closer here in Fuquay Varina, and with it comes Back-to-School season! While your child might drag their feet at the thought of going back after summer vacation, back-to-school time can be fun. It’s an exciting time of new clothes, fresh pencils, and attending any last-minute appointments before the summer officially ends. Along with those back-to-school doctor visits and checkups, it’s also a smart idea to schedule your child for a dental exam!

A Fresh, Dental Start to the New School Year

Starting the new school year can seem a little daunting, but like with any child, keeping to a routine helps them stay happy and makes the transition easier. When you schedule a dental checkup for your child as a part of their Back-to-School activities, it naturally flows in with the rest of the transition from summer to school.

It’s a little like hitting the reset button for your child’s year: they get a new teacher, classroom, desk buddies, and maybe they get new school supplies too. Getting their medical checkup to ensure that their vaccines are up-to-date is pretty standard, so bringing them into their pediatric dentist is a natural choice for another appointment to make.

Your Child Needs a Dental Checkup Every Six Months

This may be common knowledge for most parents, but your child needs to have their dental checkup once every six months. The easiest way for you to remember to keep those appointments scheduled is to schedule them for the same time every year. Having a time of year routine for your child’s dental appointments will ensure that you remember to keep them scheduled and that they actually get accomplished with back-to-school activities.

The best time for doctor and dentist checkups are always when your child is not in school, but the added headache of signing your child out for an appointment can turn making those appointments during the school year into a nightmare. Keeping the same appointments at the same time of year while they are out of school for the summer ensures making it to those appointments easy.

Early Screenings Keep Kids in School

Dental checkups screen your child for any potential dental problems they might have, and catching those problems early can help save you money and your child some discomfort. Dental problems are one of the top reasons children miss school, either due to extensive appointments with major work being done on their teeth or the recovery time they need to take before returning to school. Getting their appointment in before school starts for the year helps screen those problems and fix them before your child misses large chunks of the school year.

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