How to Brush Your Teeth The Right Way

There exist a variety of ways to brush one’s teeth, but there is a certain method to doing it correctly. We can all admit to a cursory brushing or too–whether out of boredom from habit or from a major time constraint. We at Hamby Family Dental Center are here to offer some industry advice on how to make the most of your daily teeth brushing time.

Pick the Right Brush

“It’s not the toothbrush, it’s the brusher,” says Michael Sesemann, DDS, former president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. While there is veritable evidence of this, it’s also more likely that you, as the brusher, will use your toothbrush if you are more comfortable holding it. Choose a brush that fits comfortably in your hand as well as in your mouth.

Twice A Day, Every Day

It’s important that you brush your teeth enough if you want to see positive results. Most dentists recommend at least twice a day–once in the morning and once before bed in the evening. “Three times a day is best,” Dr. Sesemann claims. The duration of which you brush your teeth is also crucial. Each time you brush, you should be doing it for at least two minutes. Sesemann advises to divide your mouth into 4 sections and to spend about 30 seconds on each.

Keep it Simple

Brushing more than three times a day is ill-advised says Sesemann. You can easily wear down your enamel if you overdo it. Also, choose a brush with softer bristles. Whether or not it’s electric is entirely up to you–just make sure you spend enough time on your teeth and are consistently brushing them.

Let it Go

Brushes should be replaced every 3-4 months. They can become havens for bad bacteria and germs. Another way to check to see if your toothbrush is near its expiration date is if they bristles have started to fray and separate. If they are losing their flexibility, it could also be time to get a new one.

Rinse Your Brush

Before and after you brush your teeth, you should rinse your brush in warm water to rid it of any excess plaque or food residue. This way, you will keep from covering your teeth with unwanted grime the next time you brush.

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