Elmo’s Brushy Brush Song – Brush Your Teeth

Elmo Brush Your Teeth Brushy Brush Sesame StreetChildren’s dental health is important, but it can be tough convincing preschool and early elementary kids to brush their teeth. Luckily, Elmo’s created a song to help encourage fun brushing. Along with this video, here are 4 tips for taking the fight out of teeth-time, and making oral hygiene fun for your family.

1. Let Your Child Choose Their Toothbrush

Let your kids be involved in choosing their own brushing products. Whether it’s sporting a race car or Disney princess, let them help choose a tooth brush they’ll be excited to use. By age four, a child is feeling more independent. Allowing them a sense of personal choice can help them feel more responsible for their smile.

2. Colorful, Cartoon-Filled Toothpaste

Make the toothbrush station of your sink look like a kid’s birthday party–colors, cartoons, sparkly toothpaste, and bubblegum dental floss. Brushing teeth in the evening is usually a signal it’s almost time for bed, which is often its own struggle. Let dental hygiene be a fun ritual your child can look forward to.

3. Dental Routine Is Important

Young children thrive on routine. Make sure to brush teeth at the same time each night. If your child’s toothbrush has a cartoon character–try introducing toothbrush time by saying, “Alright, it’s time to go say goodnight to Elmo (or Elsa).” Also, consider having a small reward after brushing, instead of simply going straight to bed. “Now that we’ve brushed, we can go read your favorite book,” or, “I’ll allow you five minutes to play with your toys before bedtime.” Establish a routine that works and stick with it.

4. Set The Stage With Music

As most parents know, songs and music help ease young children through transitions in activities. You may have a special “Tooth Brushing” song that you sing as you head into the bathroom to brush. That song serves as a fun cue that it’s time to clean up toys and get ready for bed. Many parents have found Elmo’s “Brushy Brush Your Teeth” video gets kids excited about brushing. It even gives instructions and time to spit your toothpaste out. Try playing this next time you want to make brushing fun!

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