DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME: Pulling Teeth in New Ways

The Internet is a fascinating place filled with all kinds of unique trends. One type of viral video that seems to be becoming quite popular these days is finding unique ways to pull a loose tooth. Most people know the old home remedy of tying a string from a doorknob to a loose tooth and then slamming it shut, but recently people have taken this basic concept to new extremes.

Of course as dental professionals we cannot recommend trying any of these methods at home, but we hope these videos prove to be entertaining:

Tooth Pulling with a Camaro

Someone used to risks and danger, professional wrestler, Rob Venomous used his car as a way to help his son get rid of a loose tooth. Thankfully, the trick worked.

The “Montana Tooth Pull”

Here we have Montana boy, Calvin Staley who decided the best remedy for pulling a stubborn tooth would be to use a bow and arrow to get the job done. This took a few attempts, but for more than 55,000 views and a pay day from the tooth fairy, it seems to have worked out well.

Former Olympian Pulls Tooth with Javelin

Ellie Clay, daughter of former Olympic gold medalist Bryan Clay, came up with a pretty interesting way to get rid of a tricky loose tooth. She had her father come out of retirement to use his expertise with a javelin to remove the tooth.

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