Did Your Insurance Provider Update Your Dental Benefits?

Family Dentist in Fuquay VarinaAt our Fuquay Varina dentist office, December is a busy time of year, with many patients scheduling appointments for teeth cleanings and other diagnostic and preventive services. Why the rush? Most people have to use the money in their flexible spending account (FSA), by the end of the year or they lose it. Flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts often help cover what your insurance does not. Either you can use your FSA toward your deductible or copay to reduce the cost of your dental treatments.

In January, our office, along with many other family dentist offices, sees a drop in business. We understand that not only are many people struggling financially after the holidays, but they don’t have the money in their FSA to cover procedures that your dental insurance may not cover. However, you may see that with the new year, your dental benefits updated.

Talk to Your Family Dentist Office

Not long ago, we had a patient who was experiencing jaw pain and damage to her teeth due to grinding her teeth in her sleep. We recommended a night guard to help stop the grinding, but last year, the patient’s dental benefits didn’t cover the guard. However, she asked our office to check to see if her dental insurance benefits would cover the night guard again after the new year, and sure enough, they did!

If you are putting off a needed dental procedure or service because you don’t think your insurance will cover it, ask your Fuquay Varina dentist office to check your benefits. They want to help you get the treatment you need to keep your teeth healthy, too!

Call Your Insurance Provider to Discuss Any Changes

If your coverage and benefits changed at the beginning of the year, it’s important to know exactly how that affects you. You may be surprised to see you now have coverage for services that weren’t covered last year, like in the case of the patient above. However, you also don’t want to go to the dentist thinking a service such as a root canal is covered only to discover that it isn’t (This is only an example – most dental plans do cover at least a portion of a root canal.).

The best thing to do is go online to your provider’s website and look at your benefits (sometimes called “member services), or call their customer service line. Make sure you have your insurance card handy whether you’re using the website or speaking with customer service.

Ask Your Dentist About Alternate Solutions

Your dentist is there to help you maintain optimal dental health. If you simply can’t afford a service because your insurance doesn’t cover it, and your benefits haven’t changed to include it, see if there are other options. For example, your insurance may not cover porcelain veneers to correct chipped or misshapen teeth, so your Fuquay Varina dentist may suggest bonding as an alternative to strengthen your teeth, fill small cavities or chips, and correct their appearance.

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