6 Non-Candy Valentine’s Gift Ideas

February is National Children’s Dental Health month and it’s also the month of one of our favorite holiday of sweets! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and your little ones are probably itching for some chocolates. Some candy is okay in moderation, but don’t over-do it!

At Hamby Family Dental Center, we care so much about our patients’ dental health that we’ve come up with a list of 6 alternative Valentine gift ideas for kids to enjoy.

Kids love toys! Small toys are a great way to work your way around harmful candy during holidays. Kids’ consumption of sweets can easily be overdone, so these nifty little cards and toys serve as a healthier alternative to show your love. These are also great for classroom Valentine’s celebrations!

Non-Candy Valentine Ideas

“You’re Out of this World!”

Non-Candy Valentines

These little astronauts are sure to put a smile on your kids’ faces! Valentine’s can be a blast, even without the sugary stuff, thanks to Dandee Designs.

“You’re My Love Bug”

Non-Candy Valentines Love Bugs

Everybody loves a good holiday pun and these little bugs are sure to make the kids squeal! These cute cards are also by Dandee Designs.

“Hope Your Valentine’s Day is Toad-ally Awesome!”

Noncandy valentine gifts

These toys are great for kids and even better for their teeth! Crap I’ve Made‘s unique design is great for your little goofball!

“Will Zoo Be Mine”

will zoo be mine valentines candy sub

The Blue Robin Cottage has a truly adorable set of zoo-themed Valentine cards for the animal-lover in your life.

“You Make My Head Spin”

non candy valentines

Love the Day really brings that sentiment to life with these funky and creative valentines!

“You Make My World Sparkle”

no candy valentine

For the craft fanatic youngsters, these glittery Valentine’s by Prudent Baby are an explosion of fun.

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